The Metamorphosis – from AQI to ISIS (An excerpt from The Terrorists of Iraq, 2nd Edition, 2014)

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Metamorphosis cover

The Metamorphosis-AQI to ISIS CLICK TO READ

The February-March 2015 edition of The Counter Terrorist magazine published an excerpt from the book The Terrorists of Iraq: Inside the Strategy and Tactics of the Iraq Insurgency (2003-2014).

Unlike recent mass market books on ISIS, The Terrorists of Iraq (ToI) was first written by the TAPSTRI executive director, Malcolm Nance while working in Iraq between 2003-2006.  Published in 2007, the book was not written for the mass market but specifically for intelligence community practitioners working the Iraq counterterrorism mission.

The first edition was only sold on the internet and in Baghdad at the Multinational Forces HQ, Camp Victory  or at the bookstore of the Rashid hotel in the Green (International) zone.  It sold all copies at the time and was favorably reviewed by soldiers in the field.

The ToI is an exhaustive analysis of the origins of all groups involved in the Iraq insurgency from well before the 2003 invasion until 2014.  Unlike most books it includes the history of al-Qaeda ideologically linked neo-Salafist groups in Iraqi Kurdistan.  Most importantly it details the extensive pre-war preparations made by the Saddam regime (FRLs) and how they, al-Qaeda-in-Iraq (AQI) and  Iraqi Sunni religious extremists (IREs) evolved over time into an Iraqi run organization called ISIS.

This excerpt from the Counter Terrorist is from Chapter 12, Al-Qaeda’s Lonely Road from Recovery, about the metamorphosis from AQI to ISIS.

It should be noted that this book, as the military says was “written in blood. ” Of the three dozen of military and intelligence community associates named in the acknowledgements, six contributors and associates of the author were killed in suicide bombings or abducted and executed by AQI.  Most notable was Captain Travis Patraquin, the Arabic-speaking Army officer considered responsible for developing the Iraq Awakening Campaign in Anbar governorate. He was killed by a suicide bomber in 2007.