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by The Metamorphosis-AQI to ISIS CLICK TO READ The February-March 2015 edition of The Counter Terrorist magazine published an excerpt from the book The Terrorists of Iraq: Inside the Strategy and Tactics of the Iraq Insurgency (2003-2014). Unlike recent mass market books on ISIS, The Terrorists of Iraq (ToI) was first written by the TAPSTRI executive […]

The Metamorphosis – from AQI to ISIS (An excerpt from ...

by TAPSTRI conducted a preliminary manual translation of the ISIS “Sana’ State” press release claiming credit for the attacks on Houthi mosques and a government building in Saada.  A PDF of the original Arabic is available by clicking ISIS Yemen Statement “From the Information “Brigade” (Battalion) of Sana’ State In The name of God the […]

Translation of ISIS Claim for Attack in Yemen 20 March, ...

by Peter Bergen: Does Islam fuel terrorism? Peter Bergen knocks out a commentary on CNN that asks does Islam fuel terrorism? His response is somewhat measured in that the terrorists that carry out attacks such as the Paris massacre at Charlie Hebdo and the Porte de Vincennes supermarket or the Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria claim the Islamic […]

Thoughts on Peter Bergen’s Does Islam fuel terrorism?

by AQ of the Arabian Peninsula Claims Paris Attacks: An Analysis Analyst Comment in Here:  The claim by AQAP that the Kouachi brother were members of the group is a significant move on the extremist stage. By taking the responsibility they gladly position themselves as the standardbearers for the inevitable French initiated, US supported retaliation against […]

AQ of the Arabian Peninsula Claims Paris Attacks: An Analysis