2015 Cairo Conference-Cultural Property Under Threat

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X0GzNjK9Egypt has organized an international conference to bring in experts from around the world to deal with the destruction and looting of antiquities and culture. The conference is being cosponsored by the Antiquities Coalition and the Middle East Institute and includes organizations from around the world. TAPSTRI is there along with many other organizations and representatives from around the region.

em8Iel5RSince the destabilization of Iraq and Syria and regimes in North Africa, cultural monuments and items of antiquity have been looted or destroyed. There is also current evidence that antiquities are being funneled from the DAESH occupied regions to black market.

The 2015 Cairo Conference is called “Cultural Property Under Threat-The Cultural, Economic and Security Impact of Antiquities Theft in the Middle East” and seeks to develop solutions to account for and stop the looting and smuggling of antiquities.

TAPSTRI is fully committed to helping these organizations in the fight to save our collective cultural history.