by Download PDF TAPSTRI-Jihadi Selfies and The Thrill Kill Cult. CLICK HERE I. Introduction There has been a revolutionary shift in the media usage of jihadist groups such as al-Qaeda ISIL, and its affiliates. Thirty years ago Jihadi terrorism was promoted via cassette and pamphlet. Today the modern terrorist who straps on a GoPro action sport camera, sets up to edit on an advanced […]

Jihadi Selfies and the Thrill Kill Cult: The Evolution of ...

by In discussion with MSNBC host Chris Hayes, Malcolm Nance called out Senator Cotton (R-Ark) for his comments on “making excuses” for terrorists. Mr. Nance reminds us that the torture program was reverse engineered the U.S. S.E.R.E. program was built on the blood Of service members and that this aids the enemy’s goals. HAYES: Joining […]

TAPSTRI speaks on Torture, ISIL and Honor

by A top leader of Yemen’s Al-Qaida branch claimed responsibility Wednesday for the deadly terror attack on satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo that left 12 people dead. Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) commander Nasr Ali al-Ansi said in a video message that the attack was “vengeance” for Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, […]

Al-Qaida In Yemen Claims Responsibility For Charlie Hebdo Attack

by AQ vs ISIL – No Country for Old Men? Not so Fast! I read with interest the TPM Café opinion piece by Michael J. Quigley on the origins and differences between ISIL and al-Qaeda. Its an admirable effort by an an author with some experience but unfortunately, the article is critically flawed in its […]

AQ vs ISIL – No Country for Old Men? Not ...