Acting Director – Chief of Research

Chris Sampson is the chief of research and acting director of TAPSTRI and key to the collection of the TAPSTRI Terrorpedia multi-terabyte terrorist and political video/still imagery database. He has over 30 years of IT experience and 20 years with experience in radio, television, multimedia development and team building.  He spent 15 years in radio working as a radio host, researcher, producer with Pacifica and various independent media outlets learning the inner workings of production, broadcasting and archiving. He has conducted hundreds of interviews in topics ranging from counter-terrorism, war crimes, and international politics to world music, media ownership, death penalty, environment and international news.

Starting soon after the 2000 election he focused his specialized ability to collect political and terror originated video and imagery from a range of original web sources. He began to monitor jihadist websites shortly after 2003. In order to maintain a running archive of important speeches, event coverage, hearings, and more he recorded and archived corresponding news coverage on terrorism from the major US media and several independent and international outlets since 2000. He has compiled and categorized all of the official and most of the unofficial releases by ISIS, al-Qaeda and other groups. This has allowed TAPSTRI to conduct a range of research from authentic sources.

Mr. Sampson conducted the research leading to the TAPSTRI publication, Jihadi Selfies and the Thrill Kill Cult: The Evolution of AQ/ISIL Media Machine. He has authored a new book Hacking ISIS released in April 2017. Mr. Sampson led and participated in research under Malcolm Nance for the books The Terrorists of Iraq 2nd Edition, New York Times Bestseller Defeating ISIS, The Plot To Hack America, The Plot to Destroy Democracy and The Plot To Betray America. He wrote the introduction for Putin’s Asymmetric Assault on Democracy in Russia and Europe: Implications for U.S. National Security and The Jihadi Next Door: How ISIS Is Forcing, Defrauding, and Coercing Your Neighbor into Terrorism by Dr. Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco.